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Porteiro Abissal / Abyssal Gatekeeper
Creature — Horror 1/1, 1B (2) When Abyssal Gatekeeper dies, each player sacrifices a creature. ..
R$1,45 Quantidade: (7)
Lembranças Angustiantes / Agonizing Memories
Sorcery, 2BB (4) Look at target player's hand and choose two cards from it. Put them on top of th..
R$0,95 Quantidade: (8)
Carniçal do Túmulo / Barrow Ghoul
Creature — Zombie 4/4, 1B (2) At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Barrow Ghoul unless you ..
R$0,60 Quantidade: (6)
Dançarino de Ossos / Bone Dancer
Creature — Zombie 2/2, 1BB (3) Whenever Bone Dancer attacks and isn't blocked, you may put the to..
R$7,45 Quantidade: (0)
Enterrado Vivo / Buried Alive
Sorcery, 2B (3) Search your library for up to three creature cards and put them into your graveya..
R$19,95 Quantidade: (3)
Abutres Circulantes / Circling Vultures
Creature — Bird 3/2, B (1) Flying You may discard Circling Vultures any time you could cast an..
R$0,90 Quantidade: (2)
Madeixas da Medusa / Coils of the Medusa
Enchantment — Aura, 1B (2) Enchant creature Enchanted creature gets +1/-1. Sacrifice Coils ..
R$0,60 Quantidade: (8)
Dia do Juízo Final / Doomsday
Sorcery, BBB (3) Search your library and graveyard for five cards and exile the rest. Put the cho..
R$19,95 Quantidade: (6)
Golpe Fatal / Fatal Blow
Instant, B (1) Destroy target creature that was dealt damage this turn. It can't be regenerated. ..
R$0,60 Quantidade: (6)
Degeneração Nefasta / Festering Evil
Enchantment, 3BB (5) At the beginning of your upkeep, Festering Evil deals 1 damage to each creat..
R$0,90 Quantidade: (8)
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